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Development of rural areas and expansion of urban infrastructure by building low-cost networks. The groundbreaking patented RadioLED technology optimizes transmission requirements and improves the usage situation.
Development and deployment of new digital business models. Advanced technologies and modern forms of communication meet social standards and are accessible to the entire population.
Intelligent, centrally controlled lighting systems for roads and public squares open up a new dimension of sustainable energy concepts. RadioLED broadband technology can be integrated into existing luminaires, which also allows them to be controlled.
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The socio-political objective of offering high-speed Internet access to all residents and businesses across the board is an enormous economic and technical challenge. Completely new solutions are needed to cope with them. Traditional technologies such as fiberglass wiring or macro radio cells can only partially take on this task.

The future communication standard will be called 5G. 5G Small Cell technology can handle the annual doubling mobile data sets. Fiber-optic cabling takes on the role of feeder technologies in the regions. The fine distribution throughout the public space and towards the end customers will take over extremely cost-effective Small Cell networks. The RadioLED Small Cell technology does not require earth excavations and it can be built in any location in a very short time. RadioLED networks cover entire communities homogeneously. The radio wave load of the population is reduced to a fraction of today.

With the RadioLED network, the commercial possibilities in the different regions and industries can be optimally exploited. Along this value chain, the technical future is being redefined.
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